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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Miss My Boyfriend today!

I miss my boyfriend today, really badly. He's at work until god knows when and has worked every day this weekend. I just want him home so I can have a cuddle, make him dinner and go to bed.  He would love to know that I feel like this I'm usually worried about everything else other than him.  We had big night last night, dinner with friends then us girls we back to there place for girlie chat while the boys went to the casino. My poor boy was already knackered after work and then they didn't get home until 3 or 4am!  Today would have been perfect to have a late lunch and hang out watching movies, doing stuff that couples who work normal hours!  I hope he can come home early!


Lucy said...


(Although, dare I say it, hormones too? Your cycle reads like an open book via your blog, LOL! A fortnight ago it was hormone hell, now it is loved up ready for..........)

Kayla said...

ohhh thats really sweet!! I miss having someone to miss... lol.
Isnt it funny though how when they are away you miss them so much, but when they are with you they are usually annoying you, haha. (Unless your one of those annoyingly lucky people who have a fantastic partner they never get sick of...)

Andrea said...

I know I know Lucy! But hopefully the Doc and I have that sorted...stay tuned and let's see what happens in another fortnight!


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