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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Days!

Lazy day indeed! I didn't get out of my pyjama's until 2pm! I love lazy days like this, thought its not doing my intentions to start exercising any good. I'm going to justify it and tell you that I do have a head cold, my nose is full of snot, my head feels fuzzy and my throat is like sandpaper!

No whinging though I've done the housework and read a good part of "Think Slim" (thanks Lucy) and I am heading over to a girlfriend's soon so that should perk me up.  Though in reality I just want to put my snotty head down and go to sleep.

Just a quick note today because the blog world seems a bit slow today. I will try to be more inspired next time.



Lucy said...

I hope you shift that 800g. Get that exercise in and you will there!

Deb said...

PJ's till 2pm is awesome! I've done that twice in my life I think. My teenagers have done it at least twice per month!
You're allowed one slow, snotty day. But exercise tomorrow will be required!
(I'm just jealous really...)


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