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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday On My Mind

Well actually it's here already and I'm snuggled up on my ownsome and thought it would be a good time to reflect on my week and let you in on some future planning!

Health wise - a good week, just middle of the road good. I exercise 4 times, walking - 2 x 50 minutes walk, 1 x 20 minute walk and 1 x30 minute walk.  I feel in the swing of that now and am planning to do a Yoga or Pilates class over the weekend.  As for eating - ok, couple of days over points, nothing too major and I lost .2 kgs. I've really boosted my vegie intake, I just love wine too much!

Mindset - I've noticed a definite change in the way I'm thinking about food, particularly cravings. Every morning this week, I've craved (I use the term lightly) a big huge fat savoury muffin and on the way to work I argue with myself - but the side that says "you can't eat anything you don't know the points value for" wins, it also comes up with such pearls like "it could be 20 points and that almost all your points for the day", "how much walking will I have to do to walk it off", "the food I have with me will be much more filling", "you didn't say no to cake yesterday to ruin it all today"!!

Uni - got results back from 2 assignments I submitted before Easter and got 89/100 for one and 94.5/100 for the other - needless to say - I AM STOKED!!

Work - Good week, been given the ok to take on some more responsibility and work a bit more autonomously - to fill you in - I have been working in a newly created role for the last 6 months, there is stacks to learn and we've been waiting to see what shape it would take.

Love - my man is a gem, has cooked healthy dinners for me all week and told me he wants to take me on  an overseas trip this year! Yippee!!

Future - we are looking at buying our own business, I'll keep working and Alex will run it! Looking at cafe/bakery type thing! Tres exciting!

All in all life is good and I am thankful and grateful to everyone who has influenced it!


Deb said...

Well you are positively positive today!! Good for you. Stay away from those muffin devils - they can be so loaded with butter and other fats.
Was thinking about your post from earlier this week about the number 20. I could do it too - getting under 120, and only 1.7 to go till I've lost 20kg. I'm way behind in Lucy's quest to lose 20kg in 20 weeks, but I don't care as long as I'm going DOWN!!
You're doing well - keep going!

Lucy said...

Lovely. Good work! And you should enter bloggers without makeup too.....xx

Andrea said...

@ Lucy - I know but I'm Alex's computer and can't work out how to use his web cam ;-(

@ Deb - thanks Deb, I am way behind Lucy too..in fact since starting 20:20:20 I am actually 100g in the positive (I want to be in the negative).

Carmen said...

Hi Andrea :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow you sound like a strong woman yourself! Congrats on all the achievements you've got happening at the mo not the least the muffin resistance! :P

M said...

Just found your blog...love it.

PS Im having a giveaway:


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