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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Housework is Evil

We started today all happy and positive, I was going to let Alex sleep in while I went for a swim and then organise to go looking at lights to get ideas for the kitchen. He had to work at 12 so we decided I'd exercise later and we'd go shopping first, look at a business we're considering buying and then he'd go to work and I'd catch the bus home (just easier that way). It was definitely worth the trip, we came up with some great ideas and discovered that we agree on more than we thought!  Don't think the business is for us.

He dropped me in town, I bought some new walking pants and a belt (yes I need a belt when I wear my jeans now!). I was feeling great, smiling and happy as finally we have a clear direction for our future and I love getting the bus on occasion, gives you time to look and takes you on roads you don't normally drive down, i'ts a different view of the world!

Anyway came home, did some housework and while vacuming I have pulled a muscle in my lower back. I have iced it up and taken some anti-inflammatories but I guess I won't ve starting that Pilates class I had my eye on this afternoon! Hope I'm ok tomorrow because I hate going more than 2 days without alcohol....oops I meant exercise, yes exercise! Definitely not doing any more house work today, too dangerous!

Ps. I bought this from Kikki K today to make planning meals a bit more fun


Lucy said...

NO! That is bad. I did my back when hoovering a few years ago......I could barely walk...the only thing that fixed it was sleeping with the electric blanket on by accident all night!

Andrea said...

Thanks Luce, I will get the heat onto it today. It's another reminder of why I need to go from fat to fit!


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