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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


All day today I've wanted to write a post about refocusing on my 20:20:20 challenge, but the universe did it for me!

I hit 20 followers! Thank you guys!

I had a meeting with a guy with a guy who works in one of our branches (I work in Head Office) and he has recently lost 20 kilos. He summed it by saying "Been running, playing footing, eating properly and cutting out the booze". 

Our MD, said I can see your face now, never realised you were so ugly and the response was (and I love it)...."well it's better to skinny and ugly than fat and ugly!"

But us all here we are or going to be skinny AND beautiful!!


Lucy said...

Matching, inside and out. That will be you.....

Lindsay said...

Beautiful all over! I am new to your blog! I love it's darling :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Lucy - you too! But you're already pretty hot!!

Hi Lindsay - welcome and thanks for following, look forward to getting to know you xx


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