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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lap Band Alternative!

I've found an alternative to Lap Band Surgery!

Ok Ok I know you're probably saying - yeah right! But I have! I swear!

Its going to sound silly and I hope you laugh!

I'm in that silly in between size, you know where one pair of jeans is too big and the next pair down are just a little bit too tight!

Well yesterday I wore the smaller of the two, they weren't uncomfortably tight but certainly made me aware of how much I was eating and I think I definitely ate less!

That was until our work End of Financial Year function, but I did ok, didn't scoff as I used to and only had 2 glasses of wine - I couldn't fit anymore in because the pressure around my tummy wouldn't let anymore in!!

I think I've discovered an easy way of self-limitation without having to engage my head or heart too much!!

Don't worry I know its only short-term, soon these jeans are going to be big too!


Deb said...

That is a brilliant strategy! Will have to try that.

LizH, said...

Good idea Andrea, I have been buying clothes that are very snug in the sales, a couple are still in the wardrobe. I will get them out and start wearing them the discomfort will certainly be motivating!

Lucy said...

Hahhaha, I do the same thing!


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