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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday in Pictures

It was a glorious winter's day here in Brisbane today and I had to get out and amongst it. I have a feeling I'll be working late tomorrow and won't get my walk in so thought I'd go for a ride today. The tyres on my bike are flat so I took lovely boyfriend's out on the Moretan Bay Cycleway! Look out pedestrians!

Here are some shots of the great views!

I had to tackle this narrow bridge!! I was a bit wobbly let me tell you!

I got home and could snack on the delicious muffins I made this morning - only 2 points each!!


Jess said...

I didn't realise you live in Brissie!!! I'm on the Southside - near Beenleigh, where abouts are you?

Ali said...

What a beautiful day! good on you for gettign out there and enjoying it. Those muffins look yum. Do you think you could post a recipe! I need some healthy snacks like that. :)

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

What a glorious day :) I'm about ready to head out to the gym, but if I had a bike, I might reconsider and take a bike ride instead :)

The muffins look go0d!

misssarahlou said...

oooh please share the recipe for those muffins, they look delicious and a good size for only 2 points!

Brisbane looks lovely, I visited a few years ago and love it there, so jealous that you live there.

Adalita said...

Awesome photos. I also got out for a 20+km ride in the bush at Daisy Hill. Most fun was very tired at the end as tis is the first time I have cracked 21 in the bush.


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