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Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Drinking Thing

So I went to the party and had a few drinks, definitely didn't go overboard. But I don't feel good, I just want to sleep.

I read the comments - thanks ladies - to my last post and it got me to thinking....why don't I just stop. There are so many things that I want instead of a hangover and the boozer blues!

I want my man to be proud if me. I want to have quality time with him. I want to be healthy. I don't want a nasty alcohol related illness. I don't want to have to hang my head in shame. I don't want people to talk about my drinking problem. I don't want to lose days in a hangover haze.

Can I see myself saying no for good? Not yet! Can I see myself cutting back and managing it better. Most definitely. Do I want a clearer life. Yes.

I'm sure there will be many more posts on this topic as I work on changing my habits and work on not being such a lush!

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