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Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm a Piglet!!


I have pigged out this weekend!

It's not that I lost control - ok well maybe a little bit.

Let's have a look:

Friday Night  - pizza, sausage rolls, drank a bottle of wine and some Baileys! 
Saturday Morning - same as above minus the wine and Baileys - of course!!
Saturday Afternoon - mini custard tarts and half a large bag of chips,
Saturday Night - Sweet & Sour MSG from the local Chinese takeaway and ice-cream!
Sunday Morning - started ok with eggs on toast and cups of tea.
Sunday Lunch - McDonald's Cheeseburger meal.
Sunday Afternoon - 3/4 packet of chocolate biscuits, more custard tarts and a slice of pizza!

It doesn't look good does it?

You know what?  I actually enjoyed it!! Well, up until that slice of pizza! the I had that horrible stoggy, too full feeling!!

But I don't feel guilty and I know I can get back on track starting today!  I look back on what I ate and think how much I enjoyed it going in, but I know that I won't be doing it again today! 

I know that I have changed, that I can't eat like that all the time anymore, without paying the price.

Today I am going to eat fruit and veg, protein and drink only water!  I am going to go for a walk, do some uni work and move as much as I can!

What are you going to do to recover from any damage you might have done?

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Amanda said...

My eating has been odd this weekend. I've not been hungry at all - which is sooooo not like me! I'm one of those people that eats even when I'm sick.

A day of activity sounds good :)

Catherine said...

Thanks for dropping by and getting me inspired - isn't it amazing the impact our comments can have on others. Thanks so much for the MIA comment as it really helped shift me into action.

As for the weekend's eating .... hey it's all in the past. Good choices one meal at a time is where I'm at!

To recover from 'damage' my poor choices of late may have done I'm going to get back to basics - initially just water and my supplements for the first few days (one of them Insulex, is great at cutting out sugar cravings). Then, I'll get back into low carb and protein at each meal from when the kids go back to school on Thursday.

Here we go again!

Catherine x


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