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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Return

One of my greatest real life friends (who also happens to be trying her hand at blogging - Lou)  told me that I should get writing again. And I think I need a bit of focus again! So Hi Guys - Here I Am!!

I have to admit I've been a bit 50/50 about it.  The is due to a few reasons - most of them probably excuse - you can choose for yourself which ones you think are real - they all seem real to me!

  • I've just finished uni forever and am enjoying the break from the computer
  • I've been busy planning a wedding - 10 weeks to go people - 10 weeks!
  • I have fallen off the weight loss wagon - not sure how badly yet, but there is definitely more skin around my central area
  • I've started another new job which is flat out (but I love it)
  • I have lots of chores around the house that could do with some attention, e.g. the linen cupboard & skirting boards
  • I've been wanting to change the direction of my blog and not make it so much of a weight loss blog
  • I really want to find my "funny" writing voice - I read other amazing blogs that are so laugh out loud funny and I want that to be me!!
I've thought about starting a completely new blog but then I risk losing the 100+ posts that I've written here that have been a fundamental expression of my journey over the last year and then some.  So I figure I just keep writing here and hopefully entice some of my past readers back.

So with 10 weeks until the wedding you'd think I'd be stressing about putting weight one - I am, but I'm not - weird hey?  I  have been eating way too much chocolate, lollies and drinking too much wine, I love them all!!!  There's a little family owned gym near me and they sent out an email last week lookng for someone to share some PT sessions with another client - I thought it was a sign so stuck up my hand, turns out next week the gym starts their 8 week challenge - maybe that's a sign too so I'm going to throw my hat in the ring - maybe the focus and the push will do me some good!!

Gotta run and do my food plan - got the bridesmates coming over this arvo for some girly time  xxx

1 comment:

Diminishing Lucy said...

And here you are. Good.

My blog, these days, is about a little bit of everything - it evolved that was from predominanty weight loss....I like the way blogs morph...



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