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Monday, August 22, 2011

Money money money - advice please!

Hi all,

I need your advice please.

I am working for one if the largest companies in the world - in HR.

I get to see everyone's salaries.

Two months into a 6 month contract I have been offered a permanent position.

I am currently the only person in my team.

I have been offered $5k more than I started on 2 months ago.

I see people way less experienced and qualified than me earn a lot more - its kinda insane really.

I know I need to ask for more.

But I fill myself with doubt and all those typical female thoughts that stop us earning the same as men.

I'm prepared to put myself out there - I just need your thoughts on exactly what to say!

What do you suggest?

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Diminishing Lucy said...

"Can I be totally candid? As you know, I work in the HR department, so it is impossible for me not to know what my peers are paid. As a result, I truly feel that the salary offer you are making is not comparible with my experience, skills, or indeed my peers. I would really appreciate it if you could review the salary range that you are offering me."

How's that?


Lou said...

you could also try 'Before taking on this job I was aware of what people in my position are earning as a permanent salary, and what market rate is. Currently what you are offering is not market rate.' have they offered in line with your temp salary? hourly multiplied by the average week (40?) multiplied by 48, as you don't get leave... or you can work on a daily rate - let me know... its all relative, regardless of where you are.


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