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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hormone Hell Over!

Andrea is pleased to announce that the world is a much nicer place today! I seem to be over that little hormone hiccup - that's what I'm putting it down to anyway - I checked my pill packet and I seem to have these spack attacks at the same point every month, I started on a new a few months ago so back to the doc to see if we can sort it out!

It was well worth the window shopping yesterday as I spotted a few things that I can use a rewards for reaching various goals (hopefully getting one this Thursday, but doubt it as I have been slack on the exercise front).  And I took myself on a date to Date Night, it was ok made me smile, cute ending, some of the jokes are really dumb though!  Mark Wahlberg is hot and a definite highlight as everytime we see him he is shirtless!! Yum!

I think my laptop is screwed! most of the keyboard isn't working - thank god lovely bf (yes he's lovely again) is ok with me using his!

Until next time, good luck and may the fat fighting force be with you!!


PS - I forgot to mention that I'm wrapped with 12 followers - especially given I've only been blogging 2 and half weeks.


Lucy said...

Hormanal blips = ick.

Rewards are SUCH a good thing!
Mini-Goal Rewards

Lucy said...

You had better check my blog by the way......



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