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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Weigh-in today! Not good! 900g GAIN! My immediate reaction is to hang my head in shame! But rather than do that I'm going to look at where I went wrong - just to keep myself accountable.
  • Eating my emotions on Saturday and Sunday -inc. chocolate croissant, chips, maccas, wine, popcorn, choc-top, coke. Fix - phone a friend, have a bath, learn to love myself
  • No weekly menu plan. Fix - plan, shop & cook in advance
  • Serves of butter sneaking in on my toast. Fix - switch to weet-bix in the mornings
  • Dinner out on Tuesday included Prawn Crackers - freebies just put on table. Fix - ask waiter to take them away.
  • A whole bottle of wine and back of chips (on a school night) - Fix - recognise I eat & drink my happy emotions too


Deb said...

Great idea - I like you 'fix' ideas. You'll do better next week.

Lucy said...

A packae to help you fix all the emotional stuff coming your way!

Andrea said...

Thanks Guys!! ;-)


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