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Sunday, May 2, 2010


My single non-mummy friends are going to fall off their chairs or spit wine all over their keyboards when they read this!

My girlfriend had a baby on Thursday (number 2) and I went to visit today. When I got to the hospital Dad asked me if it made me clucky and I said I got clucky on the way in! I really really want one!

I was so lucky and got to cuddle her for 2 hours, while Mum had lunch, got organised, went to the loo, stuff like that!

He he he - I want to write "watch this space" but have a few things to do first! Like losing this 20 kilos!!


Lucy said...

Get the weight off and then start shooting for an open goal. xx

Alby Fat to Fit said...

What an amazing reward a bubs would be as a goal reward!

I ahve to admit... i got clucky reading your post!!!! oh no! I have a 22month old running around already


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