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Friday, July 30, 2010

Check out my Ticker and Tips!

Hi Guys, I had a happy result this week with a 300 gram loss...only 100g shy of 400 I needed to get to my 10 kilos. But it has made me even more determined to keep an eye on what goes in my mouth and what exercise I do during this coming week!

A couple of tips I've used this week (although I must say I haven't kept 100% on track with a few vino's slipping in!) have been:
  • Telling myself I know what the birthday cake in the office tastes like so I don't have to eat any
  • Having a glass of wine and then filling the glass with water, strangely it feels like I'm still drinking wine
  • Drinking Hot Chocolate with skim milk instead of dessert
Anyway better run, hooked on Trial and Retribution at the moment! Will post some piccies over the weekend!


~Jess Jess~ said...

Well done on your loss! :) So close to that 10kg I am sure you will get it next week :)

CJ said...

so cool! Congrats on the loss! Nice Tips!

Ali said...

YAY!!! Your ticker is looking mighty fine!! Its amazing what a loss of 10kg can feel like. I am going to be stalking yor blog to make sure you get there this week although I have complete faith in you that you will not only reach the 10kg mark by next week but you will actually bypass it! :)

Oh and you arent missing out on anything great with the office cake. It is normally dry and yuck anyway! :)

Lee-Ann said...

Great job! I love the hot chocolate tip and that is one that I have forgotten! Although it is a little hot here for that right now anyway. I will definately have to remember it, hot chocolate is so filling and fills the chocolate craving.

Hope said...

Awesome work! It's not easy losing weight. I am doing the same thing. http://finallyinspired.com is my blog.


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