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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Focus

Hi Everyone,

Monday morning is here and I thought that I'd quickly put my goals and focus for this week into cyberspace before I start work.

My focus is to lose at least 400g to take me to the the 10 kg mark.

I am in no way expecting a loss a big as last week's 3 kg (I just had top say it again) but I am determined to not gain any of it back.

My menu plan is set at 21 points per day, saving 2 each day for wiggle room (you know, in case I need a little extra).

As for exercise, I didn't do any except for housework and ironing (Diminishing Lucy you read right - I've taken a leaf out of your book after reading how nice and easier it is to do it all at once) over the weekend. But am getting myself into gear as of today.  See list to the right!

Love to you all xx

PS - I watched "My Life in Ruins" yesterday (while ironing) - great feel good flick!! Highly recommend it!


CJ said...

400 gms is a good goal. I always get only so far :)

Love your weekly plan.

Good luck:)

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Nice plan for the week, Andrea :) And congrats on your 3k loss!

Lucy said...

Ironing = control, LOL! Love your exercise plan......

adventure grrl said...

Very inspiring, I love a good plan! Making one on Mondays is brilliant!


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