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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Want to Run - Update!!

Following the advice and encouragement that I received yesterday, I have downloaded PodRunner Intervals and am planning on starting the First Day to 5K course tomorrow (I'm a bit stiff this morning from squats and lunges yesterday and basically wanted a sleep in).

I am worried about shoes because I do over-pronate and this cause excruiating shin splints, but I figure I will give Week 1 a go in the morning and weigh-in tomorrow night.  Who knows I might actually achieve that 15 kilo goal - well I will at leasdt be a step closer to it.

I'm also apprehensive because I can't remember doing serious running on a foot path ever, treadmills give you that little bit of bounce - but the catch is it actually means you don't work as hard.  We have a cricket ground fairly close by, I think I'll head there and get used to doing it on grass first.

Any other advice greatly welcome!


Lucy said...


Grass is good.

Even if you think you are gonna croacl, just keep going.

Am so pleased. xx

Lou said...

good luck my friend, just be careful, injuries from running could put you out of action for a while - don't want that! Good on you - wish I had your determination! love


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