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Friday, April 2, 2010

Living It Up and it Showed!

Hi Guys, 

I have been living it up this week, with a fair bit of socialising due to boyfriend's birthday and it showed with a tiny .3 gain. Had a great chat to my leader, Brian, he's so good and I left feeling not too worried as it could have been worse, I know I could have avoided it with some exercise but I have owned it and now work on making up for it this week! No eggs please Mr Bunny!

Yesterday, I felt a bit bad for my beloved as we went shopping for some new clothes for him and he's gained a little bit around the belly and wants to buy those nice fitted shirts.  He went through that feeling I know all to well, finding something he loved at the right price only to find he couldn't do it up!  I can tell you though I never (outwardly) get as stroppy as he did! I just left him in peace and went looking at dream outfits instead - much more fun ;-)

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Lucy said...

Your blog is beautiful. So are you. Off to read all of it now...


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